Hoftrammm – A riding restaurant

A unique concept A catering establishment in a tram is an unknown phenomenon in The Netherlands. In Rotterdam, there is the snerttram, but a real driving restaurant in a tram was not there yet in the Netherlands. But that has changed, because in The Hague, since 2011, behind the scenes work has been done to […]

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Secrets of The Hague: Haagse Harry

Haagse Harry’ an icon of The Hague. Taking a selfie with Harry is a MUST when you visit The Hague! Read his story and find out why. ‘Haagse Harry’ means Harry from The Hague. He is a cartoon who represents the ‘real’ inhabitants of The Hague. His story begins with his father, Marnix Rueb. When […]

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The Hague Teleport Hotel
Binckhorstlaan 131
2516 BA, The Hague

Phone: +31.70 20 440 22
Email: info@teleporthotel.com

WhatsApp The Hague Teleport
+31.62 04 433 35
WhatsApp The Hague Teleport

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