“Juice” kicks off the unique wall art in our hotel rooms

Today marks the start of the beautiful wall art that will soon grace the walls of all our hotel rooms. The first art piece was started today and is a promising start to the rest of the rooms. The stunning street art features a woman relaxing on Scheveningen beach, with the historic boulevard in the background, complemented by the flow of the ocean.

Staying within the theme of our 7th floor, the famous beach resort Scheveningen beach, this particular art piece is made using different colored graffiti paint.  The artist, Sandor, a.k.a “Juice”, is an Amsterdam native and has been creating art since the early 80’s. His specialties include street art and art nouveau decorations, which he usually draws up in his sketch book before making it come to life. His model for these paintings was his wife. The precision and use of the typical Teleport Hotel room colors (gold, dark green and blue) make his art piece perfectly suitable for the walls of Teleport Hotel.

Rooms are given a much more lively feeling with this wall art, and the authenticity of the piece makes them even more special; each design is unique. Every artist is given the opportunity to express their take on the themes of the hotel floors, which include Scheveningen, The Hague Center and The Royal Family.

Sandor will be decorating a total of two rooms, rooms 701 and 702. From there on, in collaboration with The Hague Street Art, a variety of artists will continue in the remaining 56 rooms. Of course the rooms will be open for reservations soon after the painting has dried, and you can admire the art up close during our upcoming The Hague Street Art Event on December 15th. Keep a close eye on our social media and blog for more information about the exciting event!


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