“Juice” kicks off the unique wall art in our hotel rooms

Today marks the start of the beautiful wall art that will soon grace the walls of all our hotel rooms. The first art piece was started today and is a promising start to the rest of the rooms. The stunning street art features a woman relaxing on Scheveningen beach, with the historic boulevard in the […]

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Paleis Noordeinde The Hague

The Hague In All Its Beauty

Home to the Royal Family and National Parliament, rich with culture and unique sights, the Hague does not get the full attention it deserves. With the brand new opening of the second Teleport hotel on the 1st of March this year it’s time for the city to step out of shadow of Amsterdam and show […]

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Let’s meat!

Although burgers started as an attribute of a fast food culture, they have drastically evolved and got so many variations. Amsterdam can easily prove it: having the first hamburger coming out of the wall and a contemporary burger being served with a lobster. What can be a better way to discover a city than exploring […]

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Your Short Guide 2016 of the City of Music and Dance – Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a marvelous city that always has something special to offer to everybody, engaging different crowds and meeting high expectations. It is one of the best destinations in Europe when it comes to diverse dance events, music festivals, concerts and gigs with so much variety and choice. While there is no way to attend […]

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