Greenhouse: Fresh herbs for our guests

In Teleport Hotel’s Italian Restaurant, Piada, we believe in creating simple fresh food that taste great. Because we like to cook all our food with fresh and delicious ingredients, we decided to install our own little greenhouse in our restaurant!

This means, that all the delightful herbs in your food, will from now on be as fresh as can be, namely self-grown right here in Piada! We have placed the greenhouse inside the restaurant, so if you have incredible patience and time, you can even sit whilst Mother Nature does her work, and watch all our herbs grow. Alternatively, you can just appreciate the aesthetics whilst enjoying your meal…

The herbs we currently have are: basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, violets & lemon balm. You are welcome to cut the herbs yourself too!

This also means that when you order our fresh mint tea, your healthy boost will be completely freshly cut every time. We are so very much looking forward to continuously serve you all fresh, all delicious food at reasonable prices right here in Piada.

See you soon!


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