Hoftrammm – A riding restaurant

A unique concept

A catering establishment in a tram is an unknown phenomenon in The Netherlands. In Rotterdam, there is the snerttram, but a real driving restaurant in a tram was not there yet in the Netherlands. But that has changed, because in The Hague, since 2011, behind the scenes work has been done to put the first tram restaurant in the Netherlands on the right track.

During this ride, an excellent culinary 5-course dinner, arranged by Pierre Wind, is prepared and served in the tram.



The Hoftrammm ride will start in Voorburg and follows the route of tram line 9 towards Scheveningen (Zwarte Pad). On its journey, various The Hague sights, such as Lange Voorhout and Hofvijver, go by. Hoftrammm continues via tram line 1 to the City centre to Hollands Spoor Station; oldest station of The Hague (1843). This station, with a monumental platform building, will be passed on its way  to Scheveningen (line 11). From Scheveningen, the journey back through the Centre of The Hague will take you through the stately Statenkwartier.

The culinary ride will take about 2 hours and 15 minutes, depending on traffic and road conditions.

Tramrestaurant Hoftrammm runs at scheduled times, in-between the regular HTM timetable.


How it started

Bobby van Galen (34) is the initiator of Tramrestaurant Hoftrammm. During a trip around the world a few years ago, Bobby got inspired for the Hoftrammm; a concept that has already been set up successfully in various metropolises. Returning to the Netherlands, he did not let go of the idea. When he heard that HTM (the city’s public transport company) was going to modernize its vehicle fleet and was going to dispose of a number of GTL trams, he thought: ‘That is a shame, we can start a very nice project here’. After a long preparatory phase, all preparatory work has been completed and GTL tram 3035 has been set aside for conversion into a restaurant tram. HTM is also enthusiastic: “With this initiative, a tram in The Hague is starting a new adventure.

Tram restaurant Hoftrammm is equipped with comfortable furniture and all restaurant facilities such as a kitchen, bar and toilet. Guests can take a seat in the A-barge and the B-barge. The kitchen is in the C-barge. The guests can see the cook at work there and walk from the A-barge to the B-barge.


The price for the fixed package deal is €79,50 and includes:
– Tour of the city for at least 2 1/4 hours
– A festive aperitif with Hoftrammm bread
– An excellent 5-course dinner, by Pierre Wind, cooked&serves by the Hoftrammm crew
– Matching (and unlimited) assortment of drinks.

You can also choose for a beer arrangement which exists of only local brewers from The Hague. For example Kompaan Bier. This famous brewery is located just 1km from our hotel. If you like beer it is definitely worth a visit and you can try out 20 different beers that they serve from the tap.


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