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The Hague: City of Peace and Justice, Royal Family, the best Dutch coast & beach, little Amsterdam (Delft)


If you want to see a lot of the Netherlands in a short time, we are the right place for you! Of course, The Hague Teleport Hotel is located in The Hague and near the most beautiful beach of the Netherlands (Scheveningen). But that is not all! Rijswijk and Delft are also within arm’s reach. These cities are fairly unknown among tourists. Because our hotel is in the middle, it is a big opportunity for you to visit all these locations to get a complete picture of the Netherlands!

Visit all these locations, where our hotel is located in the middle, and you have a complete picture of the Netherlands! Where The Hague is the city of peace and Dutch politics, Rijswijk is a city of calmness and Delft is called ‘small Amsterdam’.

Speaking of Amsterdam, did you know that the connection between The Hague and Amsterdam is very good? From The Hague to Amsterdam just takes 1 hour by train.

More information about the beautiful cities around us can be found below.



Our hotel is located at the Binckhorst, a famous area in The Hague. This used to be an industrial area, as a result of which the Binckhorst has an industrial and rough character. Nowadays, the old buildings have been transformed into modern businesses and tourist attractions. What is striking is that new companies stay within the industrial theme to create unique locations where you can eat delicious meals, drink cocktails and taste local beer made in The Hague.

The PIP is also known among the citizens of The Hague. It is a cultural stage with a challenging underground scene. Moreover, we have Castle De Binckhorst which is now a monumental country house. But it gets even better!

The Binckhorst will be thé hotspot of The Hague. The municipality has reserved €10 million to turn the area into a tourist attraction. There will be more green parks and the expansion of 3 small harbours will provide super fun boat trips through the city.


Binckhorst Street Art District

Furthermore, the area is becomimg a Street Art District. Admire a form of art that comes straight from the heart of the city. Walks and cycling will be even more fun when you see art on every corner. Rent a bike with us and use our own free bike tour or the Street Art tour. Take your camera with you!


The Hague

The Hague: a city that you will never forget.

The Hague offers the best of both worlds. The city of peace and justice. The city of the cosmopolitan and the beach. From new styles to old masters. From shops to palaces. From exotic cuisines to Dutch fishing harbours. From international jurisdiction to street savvy. The Hague will captivate you with its modern skyline combined with beautiful historical and royal buildings in the city centre. Source: This is The Hague.

The Dutch government and parliament are located in the city and it is the residence of King Willem-Alexander. In addition, almost all embassies and ministries are located in The Hague and it is the location of many national and international courts.

The Hague is the only big Dutch city at the North Sea and has a coastline of eleven kilometres. Another characteristic of The Hague are the almshouses. These are small squares surrounded by small houses. The squares used to have a function, because mostly there was no money or space to provide each house with a toilet or a place to do the laundry. This happened on the square in the middle of the houses. Nowadays, the houses are equipped with enough facilities and the squares are transformed into beautiful gardens. Since the squares are surrounded by houses the almshouses are hidden within city centre.

The favourite spot of our bike tour guide is such an almshouse. This special almshouse is not accessible for the public, but only our guide is allowed to enter to show it to you!



The Hague the city by the sea. We also say: ‘The Hague the city behind the dunes.’

City behind the dunes? With that we mean Scheveningen. We have a huge protected dune area. If you are looking for peace, space and beautiful flora and fauna you can make fascinating walks while you take a deep breath and enjoy the sea air in its purest form. Did you know that we make drinking water from our dunes? This is an unique method in the world. In the dunes you can also find an old water tower. It’s really nice to walk or cycle along the tower where you can eat have a drink aswell.

In addition to the dunes, Scheveningen has the most beautiful beach in the Netherlands and therefore it is the most popular seaside resort. Together with the wide boulevard, indoor shopping centre, water sports and the pier with the first Ferris wheel over the sea of Europe, this is a must-see for everyone who visits The Hague. If you like good food you are at the right place here aswell. Do not forget the harbour. This part of Scheveningen used to be a real fishing village. It is very nice to walk here and the fish is delicious!



The Herenstraat in Rijswijk is only 5 minutes by bike from our hotel. This is a unique shopping street. It combines the rustic and care-free atmosphere of the past with the practical requirements of the present. If you want to do your shopping quickly and efficiently, you will find all stores within reach. Those who want to shop quietly and cozy or want culinary delights are at the right address in the Herenstraat. There is also a museum of visual arts and historic objects at the end of the street.

Rijswijk shows that a city can be cozy in a completely different way. A very pleasant and relaxing walk to do without spending too much time. Because of the public transport, tram 1, The Herenstraat is nice to combine with Delft.

Do you like more activity? Take a stop at family park Drievliet. You can get there by tram 1 towards Delft. With no less than 35 major attractions, a playground and shows, Drievliet is an exquisite amusement park for the entire family.


Delft (Little Amsterdam)

Continue your day trip from Rijswijk to delft by tramline 1. You are in the city centre within 20 minutes.

Delft is also known as ‘Little Amsterdam’. The best way to discover Delft is by a boat trip. Just like in Amsterdam you navigate through the beautiful old canals along monumental buildings and under historic arch bridges. You are teleported centuries back in time. Around the Old Kerk you can find shopping streets and a large square with many cosy restaurants and bars. Of course there are a few coffee shops in the neighbourhood, just like in Amsterdam.

Delft is also known for its ‘Delft Blue’. This is type of pottery with the famous blue decoration which has become extremely popular in a short time.



Do you think Delft is not enough for you? If you stay in our hotel in The Hague, you can easily plan a day to Amsterdam. You can be in the centre of Amsterdam within just 1 hour thanks to a good train connection. Do you want to stay in Amsterdam for several days? We also have a hotel here! From Amsterdam Teleport Hotel you are at the Central Station in 10 minutes. Why wouldn’t  you combine a few days in The Hague and a few days in Amsterdam?


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