Secrets of The Hague: Haagse Harry

Haagse Harry’ an icon of The Hague. Taking a selfie with Harry is a MUST when you visit The Hague! Read his story and find out why.

‘Haagse Harry’ means Harry from The Hague. He is a cartoon who represents the ‘real’ inhabitants of The Hague. His story begins with his father, Marnix Rueb.

When cartoonist Marnix Rueb moved to the Schilderswijk, which is a neighbourhood in the city, he was confronted with the real authentic inhabitant of The Hague. “They are terrifying types, although they will not hurt you. I find it particularly appealing types.”

And so Haagse Harry was born. He represents the typical inhabitant of The Hague in its perfect form. Harry is unemployed with a fat belly and a hair mat in his neck who is strolling through the city in his tracksuit. In his ‘free time’ Harry smokes weed and he is a hooligan of our football club ADO Den Haag. The ‘real’ inhabitants of The Hague destroy everything and flame to everyone, but in the end they all have a heart of gold.
The cartoon mocks with all possible population groups and members of the Royal House can be found in coffee shops.
Harry talks with a dialect and is very rude. Combine this with the typical characteristics of an inhabitant of The Hague and you have a lot of humor.

Haagse Harry started as a comic in a small newspaper, but his character is so recognizable that he became extremely popular. Every city inhabitant finds something of himself in Haagse Harry. Therefore the father of Harry, Marnix Rueb, decided to give Harry his own album with the goal of maintaining the city culture. And it worked! ‘Haagse Harry’ became the icon of The Hague and belongs to the lifestyle of our people. Even the King loves Harry!

In 2014 Rueb died of cancer. This had a huge impact on the city. We lost a piece of culture. For this reason the major decided to make a statue of Haagse Harry. 3000 kilos of clay was used to make the 2 meter high statue. Rueb’s ashes were also incorporated into it.

Nowadays Haagse Harry can be found everywhere in The Hague as cartoon, graffiti art, small statues and so on. Our hotel also has a street art room with Harry on the wall!

room #807, artist Beyond

If you don’t have a picture with Haagse Harry you never visited The Hague! His real statue is located at the most popular square of The Hague: De Grote Markt.
As we know Harry, he gives the finger to everyone who is sitting on the terrace. What else did you think?


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