The Hague Street Art at Teleport Hotel

Realistic woman and the Scheveningen pier (freehand airbrush) in room 711 by Patrick Artdrenaline

Slowly but surely our hotel rooms are undergoing a street art metamorphosis! 10 talented artists from The Hague Street Art have been working hard to personalise several rooms on all three of our floors. Given only a color scheme and one of our floor themes to create their designs, artists had the freedom to show off their skills and their very own take on the theme (Scheveningen beach, The Hague city center or the royal family). The result is a large variety of one of a kind art pieces, made with graffiti, airbrushing, paint markers and more. The authenticity of the art has completely transformed the energy of the rooms and it is safe to say that this hotel experience is unique to Teleport Hotel. In the era of technology and Instagram, they make for pretty great pictures, too!

The Hague city center (in progress) in room 806 by Erwin Verkade

The hotel room art at Teleport perfectly suits the innovative and industrial nature of the Binckhorstlaan. The municipality of The Hague has already given the green light to The Hague Street Art to transform the Binckhorst in its entirety, with the ultimate goal of creating a modern street art district for The Hague. Family and visitor friendly, the area will be a piece of art in itself and a true hotspot of the city. We love using our unique location to showcase this ever developing area of The Hague, already home to exciting businesses and places-to-be such as our creative neighbors Mooof, the diverse Binck36 building, award winning Kompaan craft beer brewery, contemporary restaurant Mama Kelly, former cigarette factory turned multifunctional space Caballero Fabriek… Teleport Hotel is at the heart of the unique large scale project that is the Binckhorst.

3D painting in room 903 by Graphic Sense

On December 15th, the The Hague Street Art Event will take over our lobby and restaurant spaces. As well as the release of the biggest edition of their Street Art magazine to date, guests have the opportunity to witness the art pieces in all 10 of the rooms (always better in real life than on the pictures!). These artists are also given their own space to showcase their personal work, transforming the lobby into an exciting live exhibition. Free Italian street food will be catered straight from Piada with live cooking by chef Tarek Karim, and complimentary drinks are supplied by both the Piada bar and Ad Fundum gin and vodka. Find out more about the specifics of the event here and make sure to come by to see the art for yourself!



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