The Hague Street Art Event 2017

A succesful The Hague Street Art Event!

The Hague Teleport Hotel is the place to be! That was proved last Fridat at our The Hague Street Art Event. You could enjoy live music, free drinks, happy people and especially a lot of art. Not just street artists gathered to show their work, but art also came from the kitchen. Beautiful looking appetizers were made by our own chef Tarek to give our guests amazing taste sensations.

Every room a unique ‘piece’ of art

Our location, de Binckhorst, is becoming the hotspot of The Hague. Among other things the area will become a street art district, of which our hotel will be the icon. Several street artists from The Hague Street Art already set a ‘piece’ in some of our rooms. Soon you can find an unique artwork in every room of our hotel. What artwork will you find in your room?

The pieces of art were presented by the artists themselves. You could talk to them separately or take a guided tour through our hotel. Every artwork has a little story because the assignment was to create a design within our themes: Scheveningen, city center and the Royal house. Furthermore, the designs are based on typical things that are characteristics for The Hague. A really creative and cool way to get to know all secrets of the city! Can you find them all?

The Hague Teleport hotel vs. Amsterdam Teleport Hotel
In our other hotel, Amsterdam Teleport Hotel, other street artists have been working on creating beautiful designs in the hotel rooms. These have been set by artists from Amsterdam. The Hague Street Art believes that they can do it better and starts the competition with Amsterdam. Therefore The Hague will bring the street art to the next level by using their best artists. This means more creativity, better designs and a lot of fun. All of this only happens at the Teleport Hotel!

Here is a little overview of our rooms so far

  • Room 701 – Woman on the beach of Scheveningen by Juice
  • Room 702 – Woman on the beach of Scheveningen by Juice
    Room 703 – The 3 fishes based on the logo of Scheveningen by Juice
  • Room 711 – Freehand Woman and the pier at Scheveningen by Artdrenaline
  • Room 716 – Statue from Museum Beelden Aan Zee (Sculptures At Sea) at Scheveningen by Shake
  • Room 806 – Citymap of The Hague by Erwin Verkade
  • Room 807 – Haagse Harry (cartoon icon of The Hague) and the clock at Central Station by Beyond
  • Room 811 – Peace Palace by Angst
  • Room 903 – Our king Willem Alexander looking at art by Graphic Sense
  • Room 903 – Our king Willem Alexander as ‘King of Beer’ by Ringo Mollinger

More to come…

More events!

You missed the event? Don’t worry!
Because of the success of the Street Art Event, we decided that The Hague Teleport Hotel will organize many more events. So stay in touch and we will see you on January 4 2018 at our next event! More info about this event coming soon.


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