The Hague Street Art Rooms at Teleport Hotel

Our location, de Binckhorst, is becoming thé hotspot of The Hague. The municipality has reserved €10 million to turn the area into a tourist attraction. There will be more green parks and the expansion of 3 small harbours will provide super fun boat trips through the city.

Furthermore, the Bink Area is becomimg a Street Art District. The government has given The Hague Street Art the opportunity to cheer up the Bink area with some fine high class street art. Walks and cycling will be even more fun when you see art on every corner. Admire a form of art that comes straight from the heart of the city.

Teleport Hotel is at the heart of the unique large scale project that is the Binckhorst. This used to be an industrial area, as a result of which the Binckhorst has an industrial and rough character. Therefore street art suits perfectly within the innovative and industrial nature of the Binckhorstlaan. But it’s not only that. It will also create an unique experience for our guests!

Therefore our hotel is collaborating with The Hague Street Art to give every room a unique master’piece’, what will make our hotel the icon of the new Street Art District!

Rooms are given a much more lively feeling with this wall art, and the authenticity of the piece makes them even more special. The result is a large variety of one of a kind art pieces, made with graffiti, airbrushing, paint markers and more.

Every artwork has a little story because the assignment was to create a design within our themes: Scheveningen Beach, City Centre and the Royal House. Furthermore, the designs are based on typical things that are characteristics for The Hague. A really creative and cool way to get to know all secrets of the city! Can you find them all?

The Hague Street Art will not only be working in the rooms, but they will also decorate more of our building. For example the big pilars at our entrance and at the moment they are working on a interactive wall at our lobby! The street art itself will bring life to a specific space, but this interactive wall will bring art to a next level!

Several street artists from The Hague Street Art already set a ‘piece’ in some of our rooms. Soon you can find an unique artwork in every room of our hotel. Below you can find an overview of the 20 art rooms we got so far. More to come!

If you stay in one of our rooms, don’t forget to post a picture on your social channel with the hashtag #GoTeleport!


Room #701 – Juice


Room #702 – Juice


Room #703 – Serge KB


Room #707 – Tobias Becker Hoff


Room #709 – ONE B


Room #711 – Artdrenaline


Room #716 – Shake


Room #717 – SOGO (Sohpia den Breems & Gordon Meuleman)


Room #801 – Jawgem


Room #806 – Erwin Verkade


Room #807 – Beyond


Room #811 – Angst


Room #817 – Artdrenaline


Room #818 – Rake Streken


Room #901 – Amik


Room #903 – Graphic Sense


Room #904 – Micha de Bie


Room #905 – Moansburg


Room #908 – Joy Chiquita


Room #909 – Ringo


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